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Yerba Santa & White Sage Torches

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White Sage & Yerba Santa Torches

Premium quality hand-harvested and hand-tied Yerba Santa and White Sage bundles/smudge sticks (4 inch)

Yerba Santa means ‘holy herb’ in Spanish. Historically it has been used by Native American cultures to cure a range of ailments from coughs and colds, to asthma and bruises.

It was also used in traditional smudging practices and rituals to increase a person’s connection with a higher power, as it works to open the crown chakra.

The Spanish missionaries came across this herb when they went to California and it quickly became revered by Spanish Priests for its ability to heal the body and spirit, as well as increase psychic awareness.

It has also been regularly used as an altar offering which is said to provide spiritual protection for the home.

Today, Yerba Santa can be used to help you find your inner strength, heal emotional wounds, and increase psychic abilities.

Yerba Santa is known to have a highly protective energy which makes it the perfect addition to charm bags and herbal amulets. It is also an excellent herb for smudging.

Simply light a stick of Yerba Santa and allow the smoke to travel into every corner of your home to repel negativity and provide protection from evil forces.

This herb is believed to be able to open up the heart chakra. So, try burning Yerba Santa incense and meditating with it, to overcome the trauma of heartbreak and help you find the courage to move on with your life.

It is also a very powerful herb for shamanic journeys and enlightenment meditation practices as it works on the crown chakra which is your connection to the divine.

Traditionally, Yerba Santa has been used alongside Sage, to cleanse a person prior to performing any sacred work. Its ability to open the heart chakra will clear any negative energies and invoke a spiritual connection with your higher self.

Try burning the leaves of this herb when you are feeling emotionally drained or heartbroken. Then simply inhale the sweet scent to increase feelings of love, clarity, and empowerment

This herb has a naturally uplifting and pleasant scent that is believed to release a person from worries, shyness, and other forms of mental suffering. This will help your mind to feel clearer and allow the space for spiritual growth.

Yerba Santa is an incredibly powerful herb for heightening psychic abilities.

Yerba Santa is an incredibly powerful herb for heightening psychic abilities. Try soaking Yerba Santa leaves in boiling water for a short period and then sprinkle them over the photo of a loved one you wish to contact. They will then speak to you through your dreams.

You can also perform the same process to ask for guidance from the divine before any divination practice or ritual. Adding Yerba Santa leaves or plants to your altar is believed to be an excellent way to honor any loved ones that have passed on.

Yerba Santa has a holy and sacred presence. For centuries, this herb has been placed on witches’ altars as an offering to a deity, angel, or God, who in return will bless your home or business.

Simply sprinkle dried Yerba Santa leaves over your altar or in a bowl that is placed somewhere prominent in your home. Its energies will prevent unwanted guests from entering your space and imbue your home with spiritual protection.

To increase the power and effectiveness of any smudging ceremony or meditation practice, consider adding a prayer to solidify your intentions. Here is an example of a beautiful native American prayer to encourage spiritual growth and inner confidence:

“Earth teach me freedom
as the eagle which soars in the sky.
Earth teach me regeneration
as the seed which rises in the spring.
Earth teach me to forget myself
as melted snow forgets its life.
Earth teach me to remember kindness
as dry fields weep with rain.”
-Ute Prayer

There are no rules when it comes to prayers; they can be long or short. Something as simple as:

“I pray for the strength and positive energy.”

Yerba Santa is an incredibly sacred herb with a range of uses from medicinal to spiritual. If you are ever feeling lost or despondent in life, this herb will help you to find the power within yourself to go after your dreams, and will assist you in finding your true purpose.