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Mind Body Nirvana

Witchy Herb Kit

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Magickal Witchy Herb Kit

Featuring 5 Super powerful Flower Herbs in 30 ml cork bottles w/ magickal properties on label

You can use these in your potions, spellcasting, rituals, salves, candles, & however you normally use herbs in your practices!

The kit comes in high-quality Glass Vials that you can use and reuse for your herbal needs!

Included Herbs:

Rose Petals
Butterfly Pea Flower

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Rose Petals- Love, Protection, Divination

Butterfly Pea Flower- Success, Protection, Transformation

Lavender- Love, Peace, Healing, Protection, Happiness, Longevity

Jasmine- Spiritual Love, Happiness, Prosperity

Hibiscus- Love, Divination, Lucid Dreaming, Psychic Abilities





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