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Larimar Crystal Bracelet

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Larimar Gemstone Bracelet

• Bead Size: 8mm
• Unisex
• Gemstones are 100% genuine
• 7.5” Stretchable (elastic cord)

ℹ️ Information card included

Dreamy, mesmerizing larimar is known by different names:

• "Dolphin stone" for the charming and intelligent ocean creature

• "Caribbean gemstone" for its waves of ocean-blue color reminiscent of the waters near the Dominican Republic beach where it was found

• “Atlantis stone" for the belief by some that the Dominican Republic now stands where the legendary City of Atlantis fell

Larimar is a rare Caribbean-blue Pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

Larimar captures the exquisite beauty of the Caribbean Sea 🌊

During the first half of the 20th century, one of the founders of the New Age movement, said that a blue gem would be found in the Caribbean and bring about a new age of light. 

When Larimar came on the market in the 1970s, it was immediately claimed as the prophesized stone. 

Energetically it is an excellent match, resonate with goddess energy, love and compassion.  It can help us to leave the past behind and to move forward without shame, guilt or other negative programming.

Larimar evokes the Goddess and is a powerful symbol of the Divine Feminine. It teaches us to love, honor, and nurture ourselves. Larimar helps us to create a strong internal foundation.

Larimar is commonly believed to be a calming stone, offering many incredible healing powers. It is considered by some to aid in communication and is associated with the crown, heart, third eye and throat chakras.

Larimar’s energy is one of deep compassion and love, and can help to inspire true self-confidence and deep emotional healing. Its calm and soothing energy can help reduce stress, anxiety, and phobias, as well as feelings related to shame or guilt.

Larimar’s empowering energy can be turned inward to increase our capacity for self-love and our ability to handle change. It can also be turned outward, helping us to be less judgmental towards others or inclined to take things personally.

Larimar encourages us to step into our Personal Power and live our Highest Purpose. It teaches us to let go of the people and beliefs that limit us and instead focus on surrounding ourselves with whatever nurtures our heart and soul.

Larimar can be used to attract soulmates, both romantic and platonic, and can help us move past emotional trauma and love again.

Larimar is also recommended for pregnant women and for new mothers. Larimar is especially good talisman for relieving postpartum depression and to encourage mother-child bonding. It is also excellent talisman for mothers of babies and toddlers.