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Mind Body Nirvana

Selenite Crescent Moon Charging Plate

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Maintaining the purity and positive vibes of your crystals, pendulums, and stones is essential. This Selenite charging plate works wonders for purifying your smaller crystals.

Selenite is like a pro at clearing out stagnant energy and waving goodbye to negativity. Plus, it cranks up the energy of whatever you pop on it. Feel free to toss your stuff on these plates for a cleanse and refresh.

And guess what? Selenite doesn't hang on to bad vibes and it's too cool to need a cleanse itself. It's like a guardian stone. It's got a built-in recharge button, so no need to stress about maintenance.

Size-wise, they're around 3 inches on each side – perfect for cozy spots like bedside tables where space is precious. Just remember, since these are handmade natural goodies, expect a bit of variety.

Quick heads-up about the material: Selenite's got these natural lines and fibers that might look like little veins. Don't worry, it's not damage, just selenite's style. Because it's soft, you might spot some cracks and bumps along the edge – totally normal. It might have a speck or two and some color differences, no biggie. Oh, and keep this pal away from water, so no splish-splash for cleaning.