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Mind Body Nirvana

Tree Agate

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Tree Agate Tumbled Stone

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Metaphysical Properties:

•Promotes mental clarity and stability and increases courage and control. It also helps eliminate negative energies and change unhealthy behaviors that get in the way of living a successful life.

• Tree agate is considered to be the stone which brings inner peace. It calms the nerves and if combined with clear quartz, It proves to be a Talisman for deep meditation and prayer.

• Tree agate not only calms down the nerves but also helps in improving mental functions. It brings clarity and stability in
mind, overcomes the negative emotions and infuses love into the chakras.

•The green crystals in Tree Agate promote good health and success.

-Establishes a deep connection to nature -Stone of inner peace
-Connects with the heart chakra
-Supportive, gentle, & calming
-Encourages abundance & prosperity
-Clears energy blockages
-Connects with natural life cycles

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