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Septarian Palm Stone

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Septarian Palm Stones

Also referred to as the dragon stone

Septarian Nodules, also referred to as Dragon Stone, are fossilized mud bubbles that formed between 50 and 70 million years ago. The yellow parts that you see are Calcite, and the brown lines are Aragonite. The white lines are Baryte, and the grey ones are either Chalcedony or Limestone.

Septarian or “Dragon Stone” stimulates the core of your primal energy and can bring you lucid dreams of the ancient past. Dragon Stone attracts prosperity, good luck and wealth to all areas of your life. This gemstone aligns you with the Element of Earth and instills the foundation for focus, determination and willpower.

It encourages you to find balance within yourself and to connect with the spiritual realm.

It is a stone of healing, both physically and emotionally. Septarian is thought to be beneficial for those who are struggling with addiction or who are in recovery.

Septarian is a great stone to use for meditation and can help you to connect with your higher self.

It encourages you to look within and find your own truths. Septarian also helps you to release negative energy and emotions, making it a great stone for emotional healing.

If you are feeling lost or disconnected, Septarian can help to guide you back to the path of spiritual growth.