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Mind Body Nirvana

Rhodonite Tumbled Stone

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Tumbled Rhodonite

ℹ️ Information Card Included 

Rhodonite Healing Properties:

•Helps you follow and stay focused on those creative pursuits.

•Rhodonite has a soft and loving vibration and represents unconditional spiritual love.

•It is a stone that can help you keep a level
head and see both sides of an issue.

•A great stone for those studying as it assists with attention to detail and memory.

•Helps you to reach your full potential whilst keeping you true to your values.

•This balancing stone brings you the courage to overcome emotional trauma & mental distress.

•Helps restore emotional balance & keep you centered. It’s a wonderful heart centered stone that’s filled with healing energy, compassion, & harmony.

•Rhodonite is extremely beneficial in cases of emotional self -destruction, codependency, and abuse. Clears away emotional wounds from the past. Stimulates, clears, and activates the Heart Chakra.

•A “first-aid” stone because it heals emotional shock and panic, lending a supportive energy to the soul during
the healing process.

Just set your intentions with it and carry it with you at all times.

Tip: These crystals are perfect for collections, grids, Chakra healing, displays, gifts, Reiki, keeping in pockets or pouches, wearing, and more!

All of our crystals are hand-selected, cleansed and charged!