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Mind Body Nirvana

Pink Aragonite

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Pink Aragonite

ℹ️ Information Card Included 

Rare Quality



•Pink aragonite with this quality is super hard to come by. These crystals were sourced directly by Mind Body Nirvana from Pakistan.

Their bright bubble-gum color is rare and highly prized among energy healers.

Healing Properties of Aragonite:

•Perfect stones for heart healing
•Self Love
•Reducing anger & cooling hot tempers
•Combat emotional stress
•facilitates better communication with the spiritual world and with the higher realms

Find your heart-center and feel balanced. Be patient as you become your Highest Self. Release attachment to drama, lies and pain. Love yourself and honor your true beauty. Let Pink Aragonite show you how to bloom!

Aragonite is one of the most powerful beginner stones a newcomer can get their hands on. Its potent energies help activate and align our entire chakra column to promote inner-balance, mental clarity, and transformation.

No matter the color, you can expect Aragonite to boast powerful yet ambiguous energy to overtake one’s aura.

These vibrations can push one to make a change in their daily life. This push will promote confidence, self-healing, and personal betterment

Like all Aragonites, these pink ones are somewhat fragile so handle them with care.