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Orange Calcite

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Orange Calcite is great for manifestation work. It is also a good stone when doing shamanic journeying.

Helps with: Manifestation, energy amplification, cleansing, grounding, inner peace, personal will, alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity, helps balance and cleanses all of the chakras, self-esteem, clears blockages, energizes and boosts immune system, radiating positivity, helps unlock and unleash ones creative or sexual energies

Orange Calcite is an energizing stone that encourages confidence and motivation. It promotes the flow of positive energy in your everyday life. Orange Calcite inspires creativity and can remove reluctance or fear to take risks. It helps to break old patterns and encourages new experiences and opportunities.

Orange Calcite is one of the main Sacral Chakra stones. It stimulates the mind and the body. It is related to the Element of Fire and is powered by the intense power of the sun. Orange Calcite inspires playfulness and joy. It is also helpful in new beginnings.



Metaphysical properties should not be used for treatment in lew of medical attention.”