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Ocean Jasper

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Ocean Jasper, also known as Orbicular Jasper or Cellular Jasper, is a very rare variety of Jasper, a silicon dioxide mineral, and a member of the Chalcedony family Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. Its defined by circular “orb” like patterns that can be seen as green, brown, blue, yellow, grey, white, pink or red.

This multi-colored stone combines a powerful cocktail of minerals that evolved from the lava streams of primordial volcanoes. It is formed through the precipitation of a mineral called silica. When lava cools over this mineral, the small spheres unique to the Ocean Jasper crystal stone aesthetic are created.

This unusual mineral has only one known locality that offers extreme obstacles to even get too. This mineral is mined from the base of a cliff only accessible by boat during low tide.

The exact location is Marovato, Ambolobozo, Analalava District, Sofia Region, Mahajanga Province, Madagascar.

For so long this mineral has gone unfound due to it only being able to be seen at low tide.

Orbicular Ocean Jasper is rare and highly collectible

Also known as The Atlantis Stone, Ocean Jasper is believed to be linked to the ancient city and to hold mystic knowledge within its structure. It is highly beneficial for reclaiming spiritual wisdom and gaining insight into one’s past lives. It provides an ideal focus for grounding and centering in meditation or healing, and facilitates continuity in deep circular breathing.

Healing Properties of Ocean Jasper:

The properties of ocean jasper make it ideal for those who feel like they’re carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. A stone of joy, it encourages a positive mood, strengthens will and brings calmness to chaos.

Ocean jasper can be used as a worry bead to alleviate stress, tension and to soothe nerves. It promotes honesty, the courage to address difficult situations and the strength to deal with them.

Being associated with the ocean it carries with it great power. It can help overcome sleep problems related to anxiety and depression and will calm irrational fears.

With its gentle nurturing energies comes warmth, love and deep emotional healing.

Ocean Jasper activates and aligns our solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras.