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Larimar Slabs

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Larimar “The Atlantis Stone” - Wisdom of the Sea

ℹ️ Information Card Included 

 High Quality Raw Larimar Slabs sourced directly from the Dominican Republic

Larimar is considered one of the rarest minerals on planet Earth

Sizes Range from .5”- 2”

This listing is for (1) Raw Larimar Stone

•Larimar is said to enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way. It stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation

•Larimar is commonly believed to be a calming stone, offering many incredible healing powers

•Larimar is a stone of great wisdom, exploration, and heightened understanding of the universe. It can put you in touch with powers that you might otherwise never be conscious of

•It can help put you in contact with the angelic realm and develop a better spiritual sense of self, although this is not something that everyone is interested in at every stage of their lives

•It is a wonderful stone to introduce into your life if you are trying to harness the powers of water, and also to tap into the ancient energy of a society like the mythical Atlantis

•It is connected with the throat chakra, which is the chakra of communication (and usually characterized with a bright blue or turquoise color)

•It makes it much easier to communicate about issues of both emotion and fear, and promote confidence in speaking about these issues

•It has an emotional healing effect that will assist you in overcoming self-sabotaging behavior, such as martyr complexes, learned helplessness, or developing a narrative of self-victimization

•It is a wonderful stone for meditation, as its positive effects on communication also include the communication between yourself and the higher powers of the universe

•Larimar will help you develop healthy relationships, both with others and with yourself (and remember, developing a healthy relationship with yourself is the first step towards developing healthy relationships with others)

•Larimar is a stone that can help your recognize when emotions have no positive effect

•By using Larimar, you can develop a sensitivity to the cosmos that can assist in the development of heightened perception and even psychic powers

•Larimar can also be a wonderful stone to place next to your bed to promote calm and restful sleep. This is especially useful if you deal with bad dreams, or insomnia caused by anxiety