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Mind Body Nirvana

Good Vibes Elixir

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Good Vibes Vibe Spray

A far from average spiritual spray designed to raise your vibration and cleanse your energy of anything weighing down your aura. Transmute the energy around you into POSITIVE energy that feels good, happy, and joyful. This is the perfect high vibe elixir! - LITERALLY GOOD VIBES ONLY!

Raise your vibration with a mist (or ten!) of our signature blend spray.

Ingredients highlights:

Palo santo
Pink sea salt

Can you say POTENT?

Each spray is Reiki charged and Crystal infused harnessing supercharged good vibes ⚡️

All ingredients are sourced sustainably and respectfully

Shake well and spray 🌫️

Get Vibin ⚡️

Every single one of these Elixir’s are made from a special distillation process to make a powerful concentrate. We then infuse each batch with moon water and the finest most high quality herbs and crystals. Each batch takes 2-3 days to produce.