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Mind Body Nirvana

Florida Water Spray

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Murray & Lanman Florida Water

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With its sweet floral scent and lemon overtones, — Florida Water is a perfumed water commonly used for ritual offerings and purification. The sacred cologne contains numerous spiritual benefits.

Mixed with spices, herbs, lavender, and citrus oils, the Water can be used as a simple cologne or perfume for protection, to draw in good fortune, and in any kind of spell to block out negativity and harmful entities and bring good luck.

It’s believed Florida Water can do powerful and mundane deeds to connect to the spiritual realm and ancestral spirits.

It can be added to a bath, used as a perfume, put on energy points like the third eye, sprayed in the air, and utilized to clean a counter, to name a few. The citrusy scent of the cologne means that it’s both energizing and purifying. It’s also said to represent the fountain of youth, which is supposedly in Florida,”

Use Florida water to cleanse your home, your clothing, or your altars. Spritz it on your body to attract good luck and repel bad energy and to help raise your vibration.

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