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Mind Body Nirvana


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Tumbled Chiastolite (Andalusite)

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Chiastolite, also known as Cross Stone, is a very rare variety of Andalusite, an aluminum nesosilicate mineral with crossed shaped inclusions of black Graphite and Carbon.

This mineral has a very unique past and was highly treasured by colonists in New England (USA).

Healing properties of Chiastolite:

Chiastolite bestows strength, power and perseverance, and is extremely calming.

It is considered by many to be a strong protection against negative energy as it deflects it rather than absorbing it, and traditionally was used to ward off curses.

It also has a strong connection with the cycle of death and rebirth, and can aid the acceptance of life beyond.

Encourages both psychic and spiritual development and aids deep meditation. Andalusite connects with the past, and can be used to work with not only the past, but past-life as well.