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Mind Body Nirvana

Aquamarine Tumbled Stone

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Tumbled Aquamarine

Premium Grade

Comes with information card ℹ️

The name Aquamarine means “Water of the Sea” 🌊

Stone of Courage

Healing Properties of Aquamarine:

•Promotes Psychic Ability
•Counteracts Darkness
•Brings Mental Clarity
•Promotes Courage
•Facilitates Closure
•Purifies & Calms
•Promotes Compassion
•Supports Meditation
•Promotes Peace
•Builds spiritual awareness
•Releases Anxiety & Depression
•Assists self-healing

🌊 Aquamarine resonates with the magnificent healing power of the sea. It invites you to dive deep into the core of your being and discover the truth within.

Awakening a present state of consciousness, it brings a calm focus and clarity to ones inner wisdom. Drowning out the toxic internal dialogue, it establishes harmony by fostering a healthy ego.

Resurfacing buried emotions, Aquamarine nurtures a gentle awareness for understanding your feelings and overcoming grief. Washing away the hurt, it frees you from limiting patterns and returns the fluidity of energy throughout the body.

Inspiring compassion and empathy, Aquamarine encourages you to support others in their healing journey by communicating your truth and sharing the lessons from your experience.

It was believed that Aquamarine was treasured by mermaids and offered the gift of eternal youth. Sailors often carried this brilliant stone as a talisman for protection, good luck and enhancing a sense of fearlessness.