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Ametrine Bracelet

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Ametrine Stretch Bracelet

Bead Size: 6mm

Bracelet Size: 7.5”

Healing Properties of Ametrine: 

Great for Twin flames & relationships 

Relationships healing 

Manifesting soul love 



known as the dream & psychic stone 


Dispels negative energy 

The ametrine crystal is one of the lesser known gems, which is strange considering the unique appearance of the gemstone. This rare stone is a bicolor quartz and is only produced in one mine in the world! It is also one of the more recent discoveries, having only been around for a few decades.

The ametrine stone is golden yellow and purple, something that happens when citrine and amethyst stones come into contact to form one crystal. This also gives the stone its name, derived from AMEthyst and ciTRINE.

The ametrine crystal is said to be symbolic of inner strength and harmony. It is also able to amplify the energy of the person wearing the stone.

The balance of amethyst and citrine present in the stone work together to promote harmony and restore imbalances that may leave you feeling drained in body, mind, and spirit. Many believe this stone is particularly beneficial to individuals feeling stressed or emotional. It provides support where needed and helps you on your journey to a more successful life.

Ametrine can help you get rid of unnecessary things in your life. Many believe that simply holding the stone, saying the name of the thing you no longer want in your life, washing the stone, and then holding it in the sun and saying what you do want will help you lead a more fulfilling life.

You can also use the stone to promote healing, relieve stress, and help you stay energised. This is because the stone draws power from the moon and sun, helping you stay energetic and enthusiastic for longer. The gemstone also offers a powerful connection to the spirit world and can help you find direction and purpose in life.