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Mind Body Nirvana

Aura Cleansing Bath Salts

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If you are an energy worker, empath, or spiritualist, herbal spiritual baths are non-negotiable! You have to cleanse your aura and cut cords with the energy that has been absorbed...

Aura cleansing is the harmonizing and purifying of the aura/energy field found around the physical body from head to toe. It’s done to remove bad luck, clear spiritual illusion, heal your energy, and attract positivity!

 You can’t control the outer world. But you can protect your own aura.

Just as the name states, our Aura Cleansing Bath Salts uses the power of sacred herbs and intention to metaphorically cleanse and purify the mind, body and spirit 🧘‍♀️

Made with Ancient Dead Sea salt, Pink Himalayan salt, herbs, essential oils and Magickal intention ✨